Screenshot Uploader

Screenshot Uploader 0.24

Take screenshots and share them with a URL


  • Easy to use
  • Automatically creates URLs to
  • Basic image editor


  • Only JPEG images

Very good

With Screenshot Uploader, you can make images of your desktop and instantly share them over the web.

To begin, you need to register an account so your images can be stored on the Screenshot Uploader website. In Config you can set a hot key to take a screenshot, and choose the quality of JPEG image you want. You can also save your images locally.

Hitting your hot key command will isolate wither the screen, or the window you are hovering over, and you can then select the area you want an image of. Once done, there's a basic editor, where you can alter the size, and add arrows and more information. Then, simply clicking upload will save your screenshot on the web.

Screenshot Uploader is really easy to use, and is a very simple way to share images. However, the editor is limited, and and its a shame you can only save JPEG images.

With plenty of ways to share images on the internet, Screenshot Uploader has a lot of competition, but integrating uploading into taking screenshots certainly makes the process easy.

Screenshot Uploader supports the following formats


Screenshot Uploader


Screenshot Uploader 0.24

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